CTTT is a Microsoft Cloud Community event with the purpose of bringing technology and community leaders to Tallinn to share their learning with the local community 


Explore the potential of Microsoft Cloud as thought leaders share how it empowers businesses and careers. Discover advanced data analytics technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to drive innovation. Leverage scalable infrastructure and cloud-native tools for growth, while gaining expertise in high-demand cloud technologies.


Choose from a diverse array of sessions highlighting Microsoft Cloud SaaS products, including data analytics, AI services, collaboration tools, and application development. Expand your understanding of these cutting-edge technologies and explore how they can empower your organization's data-driven decision-making and accelerate innovation.


Attending this event offers an exceptional opportunity for networking and meeting new people. Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, and forge valuable relationships. Expand your network, gain fresh perspectives, and foster collaborations that can propel your career and open doors to exciting opportunities.


Tallinn, the lively capital of Estonia, offers an ideal setting to party and explore a diverse range of experiences. Engage with the event community while enjoying the city's vibrant nightlife, featuring trendy clubs and bars. Embrace the charm of the Old Town, with its historical allure, cobblestone streets, and medieval architecture, creating a unique blend of tradition and celebration.

The Tallinn

Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Cloud: Join the Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn for 2 days of Shared Learning and Community Building

At the Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn, we believe in blending knowledge and enjoyment. Join us for a day of learning, networking, and unforgettable fun as we explore the exciting possibilities of Microsoft Cloud. Come together with like-minded professionals and discover that even in the world of technology, there’s always room for a little joy and excitement.

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The Venue

On 01.02.24 we will be in The Culture Hub of Tallinn. This industrial-looking historic building used to be a boiler house for a power plant and its 700-square-metre boiler room still contains two giant boilers, which played an important role in the history of Tallinn Power Plant. Parts of the complex – the boiler house, the gas storage, the trestle, and the brick chimney – are under protection as cultural heritage. Today, Tallinn Creative Hub operates as a multifunctional event center, where different concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops take place.

02.02.24 we will have workshops at Nordic Koolitus in the amazing neighborhood of Ülemiste.


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Kursi tn 3, Tallinn 10415


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