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Session Information

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Lesley Crook

Cloud Consultant ~ Viva Visionary!

Bio: Hi, I’m Lesley Crook a Viva Visionary and MVP Office Apps & Services of 5 years. With a focus on employee engagement, hybrid work, adoption & change management, champions programmes on Yammer, Teams and now Microsoft Viva. Cloud Consultant at CloudWay

Chocks-away! SharePoint & Teams prepared for Copilot.

Start Time: 28 Sep 2023, 06:46 PM

“Chocks-away” is a term used by British pilots in WWII to indicate that they were ready to fly and blocks placed in front of the plane’s wheels be removed so the plane could take off. The blocks were placed there to stop the plane from rolling away. Learn how three enterprise companies effectively transformed their workplace culture using the ADKAR framework. This approach focuses on “fun” elements of human-centered adoption and change management, utilizing five key elements to track progress and celebrate achievements. So be a real Copilot to your HR and Internal Comms teams! Don’t let Microsoft Viva and Copilot roll away, enabling the competition to get ahead. Instead, use this valuable tool and session for take off and beyond!

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